You should earn every penny your house is worth when it’s time to sell your home. The property you’ve spent time and money on is your primary investment. Making less than it’s worth is naturally one of your biggest concerns.

As the top real estate agents in Atlanta, Del Priore’s Realty prides ourselves on selling your property quickly at the highest possible asking price. We also work to ensure that the process is hassle-free for you, the homeowner. Our years of experience in the Atlanta real estate market make the journey lucrative and convenient from start to finish.


Minimize the stress of selling your home by working with the top real estate agents in Atlanta, GA. With our experience in the market and selling steps, you’ll have an advantage when listing your property.
Step 1: Hire a Reputable Real Estate Agent
Work with someone you can trust and who has been in the business for years. Find a full-service real estate team because it’s the best way to make the experience easier and faster for you and your family. Research the agents, read reviews, and ask friends for recommendations.
Step 2: Be Realistic About Your Asking Price
Set yourself up for success when you ask for a fair price. Do this by using a standard formula: Sale price – mortgage balance & closing costs = proceeds. A seasoned real estate agent will help you with the calculations to get what your property is worth.
Step 3: Research the Best Time for Listing
Timing is everything, especially when putting your house on the market. The season matters—historically, homes also sell best between May 1 – May 15. But there’s also the factor of listing when supply is low and demand is high. Your real estate agent will give you a comparative analysis to inform this critical decision.
Step 4: Inspections Matter
Do yourself a favor and have your property inspected before you list it. Potential buyers will feel confident about putting in an offer on a house examined for structural problems in advance.
Step 5: State Your Selling Disclosures
Your reliable real estate agent will prompt you to complete your selling disclosure paperwork before putting your home on the market. Items included in this document include water damage, environmental contamination, neighborhood noise, etc. Similar to your inspection, it will make future buyers feel good about you as a seller.
Step 6: Listing Your Home
It’s time to introduce your home to the market. Your dependable real estate will strategize the best way to market your special property and add it to the MLS database. From there, numerous sites will advertise it, including all of the major real estate search sites, such as Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and

When you follow these simple steps and work alongside one of our expert Del Priore’s real estate agents, you can expect a selling experience that’s fast and easy.


If you’re ready to get started selling your home, the top real estate agents in Atlanta can make the process a success from start to finish. Make your house hard to resist on day one by preparing it for listing. These tips will help you create a home that is welcoming and attractive and virtually sells itself!


Tip 1: Deep Clean
Whether you do it yourself or hire a service, make sure that your home is spick-and-span. Regardless of how great your property is, if it’s dirty, it won’t sell. And you’ll want to keep up with it as long as your house is on the market.

Key spots to stay on top of include:

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Cabinets and appliances
  • Floors
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Windows
  • Scuffed walls
  • Basements
Tip 2: Remove Family Memorabilia
Though a happy family makes a happy home, it’s hard for a new family to imagine themselves in a space with other memories on the walls. Remove the vacation pictures, school photos, and crayon drawings. Soon enough, you’ll have a new spot for your cherished belongings.
Tip 3: Let There Be Light
Open the curtains and let the sunshine through the windows. Everything looks better with natural light. If the day is cloudy, consider a few lit lamps and pulled curtains.
Tip 4: Declutter
When you remove clutter from the den, kitchen, and bedrooms, those rooms will appear larger. If you don’t need that faded rug or broken bookcase, recycle it. You’ll be glad you did when the movers show up.
Tip 5: Professional Photography
Before a realtor shows your house, someone needs to be interested in it. Make sure your property looks stunning on the MLS database with professional photos taken by someone who has specific experience in real estate photography. Your real estate agent will have excellent recommendations.
Tip 6: Elevate Your Entryway
First impressions are everything. When buyers walk into your house, make a statement with a clutter-free area, lamp lit, and flowers or plants where possible. Upon opening the door, the welcoming environment will be appreciated and remembered.
Tip 7: Fix the Fixable
If there are minor repairs left on the honey-do list, try to get to them. Paint the chipped baseboards, trim the scraggly hedges, or replace the broken door handle. Whatever the relatively inexpensive and not too labor-intensive tasks are, get them done now.
Tip 8: Be Accommodating
The goal is to sell your house. So, prepare to accommodate all kinds of different schedules that will displace you at a moment’s notice. Having your home on the market is rarely about convenience. Still, once sold, the weekend showings and last-minute evening calls will have been worth it.

Selling your home in Atlanta, Georgia, can be a snap when you work with compassionate and knowledgeable real estate professionals at Del Priore’s Realty.

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